About Us

Big Sur CoastOur Management Team

Sandra DeLay is the founder and President of Translation by Design. She is responsible for the overall direction, vision, and management of the company. Sandra combines her leadership and experience in operational design and global communication to create empowering and strategic language and cultural solutions.

Peter Fordos is the director of Cross Cultural Training and Education. He has conducted business with people from over 80 countries giving him first-hand experience in adapting and working more efficiently in our modern multicultural world. Peter designs our customized cultural training programs for executives, organizations, and global partners.

Carl Magnuson is our Director of Sales & Marketing. He mixes creativity and curiosity with an ability to quickly identify connections and opportunities. His ease of communication and overall enthusiasm for connecting people epitomize our core values, forging new alliances with potential clients and solidifying old relationships with existing clients.

Carmen Ibarra is responsible for our Localization & Translation Management. She has a true passion for languages and masterfully combines her linguistic talents with her technological skills, bringing to the table the insight and know-how for merging the two. She provides pre-translation Desktop Publishing and manages our Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) server to assign and oversee all translation projects, ensuring consistency, timeliness and quality for all of our clients.

The Project Management Department is the conduit for communicating with clients, translators, and technology specialists to manage projects efficiently and successfully. We are supported by a dynamic team of certified translators, interpreters, expert trainers, IT, marketing, and sales specialists worldwide. 

Our Linguists

Our Professional Linguists are reliable translators and interpreters who are experts in the field of languages. They fully comprehend the source language, are well versed in grammar and syntax and are adept at grasping subtle nuances, enabling them to produce high-quality translations and interpretations in their native languages. They do not literally translate or interpret, rather they excel at properly rendering in the target language the meaning and intent of the source language.

Our linguists are highly experienced and certified in their respective language pairs. They are educated linguists with extensive knowledge in multiple subjects; and most hone their skills in precise specialties, such as legal, financial, or technical fields. As professionals and a factor of their accuracy, they efficiently research their topics in order to render current and factual information.

Our Company

We deliver customized language and cross cultural solutions that empower you to effectively communicate in a rapidly changing global community. Our core values are the foundation for all of our services and relationships. Our headquarters is located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, the language capital of the world. More...