Gray Plant Mooty

The Challenge

Gray Plant Mooty is proud to be the oldest law firm in Minneapolis. They specialize in international antitrust and trade regulation disputes, providing aggressive, results-oriented representation in these high-stakes matters. The Gray Plant Mooty team approached TBD to provide a certified Japanese interpreter in Seoul Korea with only one week’s notice for an important two-day deposition. In consideration of cost control, we wanted to find an interpreter who was based in Asia. Additionally, the interpreter had to be competent in highly technical computer hardware content, legal interpretation, and remain calm under pressure. This complex litigation was represented by 20 attorneys and their check interpreters, making the situation extremely challenging.

The Solution

We accommodated this last minute request and requirement related to the 17 hour time difference in Asia. Therefore, communication took place around the clock until we found the Japanese interpreter who was available and had the necessary expertise and experience for this high level and stressful litigation and subject matter requirement. The potential interpreter’s qualifications had to be approved by the attorney. Then an agreement had to be signed including a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Finally, two days before the deposition, last minute travel arrangements had to be made.

The Result

The interpreter exceeded the expectations of the Gray Plant Mooty attorneys and had excellent knowledge of computer hardware terminology, remained calm in the midst of a stressful deposition, and successfully met the scope of work. We continue to provide ongoing language interpreters for their Asian and US depositions in this case. TBD continues to be commended for utilizing interpreters who have the professional ability to interpret exactly what is being said in Japanese by the deponent and interpreting the meaning accurately in English.