Interpretation: Getting it Right

Interpretation is a lot more complex than what many potential clients expect. They oftentimes are surprised that there is more to just repeating something from one language to another. Furthermore, many believe that they don't need a professional Interpreter if they have an acquaintance who "knows" the target language. What many clients do not understand is that interpretation goes well beyond just "knowing" the language. Interpretation is a skill that not only requires fluently speaking both languages, but having the cultural insight to understand and relay the subtle nuances within each language.

At Translation by Design, we value our clients' business and want your experience to be an enjoyable one. Therefore, educating our clients about interpretation services is one of the best ways to help you understand how the interpretation process works.

The Interpreting: Getting It Right brochure, produced by the American Translators Association, is a quick read that answers key questions common among potential clients. It also gives some good pointers for purchasing language services

The Interpreting: Getting It Right brochure was originally developed by former ATA Public Relations Committee member Chris Durban; the layout was provided by Mark Richardson.



Click to download your copy of Interpreting: Getting It Right in the language you need at the ATA website

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