Global Language SolutionsInterpretation is the process of facilitating oral communication between people speaking in different languages. Translation by Design interpreters do not interpret literally, word-for-word, but contextually, meaning-for-meaning. Non-English conversations can seem to take longer because they use several phrases to accurately interpret them.

Interpretation Expertise

  • Legal (court, depositions, hearings, mediations and trials)
  • Business (meetings, negotiations, and training sessions)
  • Conference (annual meetings, seminars, and tradeshows)
  • Telephone (business, insurance, and medical statements)

Consecutive interpretion is the process by which an interpreter orally translates between speakers; the speaker speaks for a few minutes and then the interpreter relays the message as closely as possible  who alternate in their speaking one person at a time. Simultaneous interpreting is characterized by the parallel act of interpreting and speaking going on simultaneously. Tremendous skill, training, experience, and use of technical equipment are vital to this demanding form of interpretation.

Interpreter Standards

Our professional interpreters have taken college classes in interpreting and have passed rigorous oral examinations.They are certified by the federal court to work nationally and they are certified by the State to interpret for the court, administrative hearings, or medical exams in their language. Our interpreters are experts in the techniques of interpreting and are sensitive to cultural, social, and political nuances of conducting business in all languages.

Translation by Design:

  • fosters superior communication
  • has familiarity with many cultures
  • makes complex communication solutions seem easy
  • offers rush or expedited service
  • provides interpretation in over 100 languages
  • upholds high professional standards
  • values long-term client satisfaction
  • works globally

Translation by Design offers the following languages:


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